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The Warwick Shotokan Karate Club (WSKC) Approach

Most people have been curious about taking a karate class at one time or another, but are unsure of what to expect. Every instructor has a unique approach to teaching and training, so we like to tell prospective students a little about our philosophy before they begin.

We’re very serious about the quality of instruction we provide, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. This is, after all, supposed to be something we all enjoy. Our instructors and senior members are all friendly, approachable, and enjoy meeting new students. We maintain discipline in class to create a safe learning environment but before, after, and outside of class we prefer to leave any strict formalities aside.

We believe that karate is a method of mastering control of our bodies, our emotions, and our willpower. By doing so, we hope to gain greater control of our environment no matter where we find ourselves — at home, at school, at work, or on the street. In addition to teaching self-defense, our major goal here at WSKC is to increase physical conditioning and core strength, reduce stress, and enhance self-confidence.

Children under 8 are encouraged to join WSKC’s “Little Shoto's” program which meets on Mondays and Saturdays. To make the class easier for them and everyone else all children under 8 must know their rights and lefts without hesitation, be able to take direction, and be able to be quiet so not to disturb the other students. Karate is not just for kids — adults are welcome to join too. This is an Art that can be learned by anyone, and any age.
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We believe that karate competitions can be useful for developing confidence, humility, and a sense of achievement. We do not train to “win” tournaments; we train to further our knowledge of technique and strategy.

If you have any questions regarding karate or the program taught at the Warwick Shotokan Karate Club, please feel free to contact Sensei Spivack at WarwickShotokan -at- comcast -dot- net or Sarah Prebis at Warwick Township’s Parks and Recreation at 215-343-6100, ext. 204.