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Dojo Info

Dojo Rules

•  All students are required to learn and follow the Dojo Rules.

•  Karate parents must personally drop off and pick up all students under age 13.

•  Students are to bow upon entering or leaving the Dojo floor.

•  When you first arrive at the Dojo, and before stepping onto the Dojo floor, please remove your shoes and socks.

•  Always wear shoes if you need to leave the room for any reason.

•  Please make sure you go to the bathroom before you come to class.

•  Plain white Karate uniforms (Gis) must be worn during class.

•  Your Gi must be kept clean & neat, but DO NOT wash your belt.

•  Men/woman — remember to keep your finger and toe nails neat and trimmed.

•  Please no watches, rings (wedding or engagement), silly bands or any jewelry in the dojo.

•  Men — NO earrings in the dojo.

•  Women — please no dangling earrings in the dojo.

•  For sparring men and women should have mouth guards, hand and feet protection (white foam traditional pads). NO MOLDED HAND OR FEET GUARDS ARE ALLOWED in dojo sparring; unless approved by Sensei. Head gear is optional and will be provided if needed.

•  Men should wear a protective cup during class whether or not there is sparring.

•  Always warm up before training and warm down after training.

•  Respect the property of other WSKC students. Do not touch anything that does not belong to you.

•  Pay attention! Raise your hand before asking questions during class. Other than questions and comments related to Karate, there is no talking during class. (Sensei and the other instructors like to hear stories about your life outside Karate, but wait until after class to tell them!)

•  You are not allowed to laugh at mistakes made by other students.

•  The Karate techniques you learn here are NEVER to be used to start fights. You are ONLY to use the Karate techniques you learn in class to defend yourself.


•  Karate students should arrive for class (outside the dojo) at least 10 minutes before your scheduled class time. If you arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled class time do not go into the training area (another class may be under way). Sit quietly outside the dojo. Stay quietly in the hallway outside the dojo unless you are instructed to go into the training area by one of your instructors.

•  If you are late to class please enter the dojo, kneel at the door ready for class. Wait until the Sensei calls you into class. Before entering do 10 pushups before joining the class.

•  Students will learn the Japanese words and phrases used during class (you must recognize the basic Japanese terminology before you will be allowed to take your first rank examination).

•  Practice your Karate at least 10 minutes every day.

•  Students are responsible for helping to keep the Dojo clean. Brown and black belts are responsible for making sure the dojo is clean and ready for training.

Proper Dojo Etiquette
Dojo Kun